Qest 4


Energetic testing with our QEST4 Bioresonance equipment complements your clinical training, experience and insight by giving you the ability to test the client's response to thousands of recorded signatures and receive immediate feedback.

QEST4 screening enhances your health and wellness practice by helping you go beyond the scope provided of case history information alone, to incorporate real-time responses from the body-mind system.


Physics is revealing that human consciousness is an integrated field, not limited by the boundary of the body. This recognition allows us to look afresh at the intuitive forms of medicine that have long challenged the Western mind, and build tools to integrate them in powerful new ways.

Moving beyond the materialistic view of health and dis-ease as being related only to the physical state of organs and tissues, invites us to explore the subtle and multi-layered patterns of thought, emotion and interaction with environment that make up our reality.


Bioresonance is the concept that our organism can recognize and respond positively to informational signals that have been tuned to our own unique pattern of responses.

Having identified an individualized set of signatures, the QEST4 Bioresonance equipment imprints the information into a physical medium of your choice which is given to your client, or applied using the included low-energy laser.

The imprint process has been called 'digital homeopathy' and it serves to feed back the signals or resonances identified during the test and response process to the body-mind system.


The QEST4 system is a complete package of hardware, software, training, worldwide support, automatic updates backed by a five year warranty.

The QEST4 Bioresonance equipment is robust, light and portable, connecting by Bluetooth to your computer or laptop.

The software is simple and intuitive, and can be customized extensively to your needs. Software updates are regularly available for download.