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About Us

With more than ten years experience in research and development for the health care industry, Cybernetics Biotech Limited have grown to be a leader in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine industry in Asia.
Our team consists of researchers, doctors, health care professionals and marketing. We will assist you to design customized products and integration program for your specific needs.
We pride ourselves on being the BEST and unique in our field. Our products sourced from all over the world are properly tested and proven to be effective in our clinic before recommended to you.
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Product Integration

We don't just sell you a product; we help you plan and integrate your new purchase into your existing practice.
Buying a new technology or device is easy, but clients often face the challenge on how to incorporate the new device into existing clinical practice. Other product resellers will usually provide training on their product only, and customers have to figure out how to integrate.
At Cybernetics Biotech, we not only train you how to use our products but also help you integrate your new purchase into your clinical practice effectively. We have both the know-how and experience to assist you if you require our service.

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Contact Us

Unit 1001, Prosperity Tower, 39 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong.

中環皇后大道中39號豐盛創建大廈10/F 01室

To discuss about the details, we suggest you to send us an e-mail or contact us through the contact number as below:

Mr. Gary Lim +852 94311611
Mr. Jason Teh +886 979 969 932